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Meet the CEO

Sakeenah Flournoy, CEO

Raised and educated in the city of Newark, NJ. She became a single parent at the tender age of nineteen. A public assistance recipient with a per diem paraprofessional position with Newark Public Schools. She was determined not to be the average statistic, so prayerfully, she strategically paved her way. She obtained her AA in Education from Essex County College in Newark NJ. From there she transitioned to New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ earning her BA in Mathematics. She holds a dual certification to teach students K-6 and students with disabilities. During her years of academics, she’s been inducted into the John Logan’s chapter of the National Honor Society, The National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, The Chi Alpha Epsilon Academic Honor Society, and the International Honor Society in Education.

After the commencements from these institutions, she was hired as a certified teacher within the Newark Public School system. It was on this journey she decided she reached the apex of teaching. She enrolled at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ and received her MA in Educational Leadership with a supervisory certification.

For over twenty years Sakeenah has left an impressable impact on many students in Newark’s community. The first encounter with her students was her transparent personal journey. Emphasizing her proudness of being a product of Newark Public Schools. She provided them with a structured academic environment and optimism of hope. Some of her most notable quotes, were “Don’t allow your circumstances to hold you captive” and “Preserve through life’s adversities because there’s strength gained in the journey”.

While her sole passion is educating students; in 2013 a fraction of her heart was changed forever. Ethel Flournoy her paternal grandmother ascended to heaven. Sakeenah’s broken heart came with a vision for senior citizens in her community. Ethel (Mom) was the only living grandparent she had growing up. Yet, Mom gave Sakeenah a love that filled the void of the other three grandparents. Senior citizens are special, the patriarchs and matriarchs of every family. They’re the glue that holds a family together and instills traditions, values, and morals to the next generations. So, in honor of her grandmother, Sakeenah has committed to serving senior citizens in the community.